This Center exist to inform Data Driven Decisions to individuals, Organizations and Institutions at different levels. We build capacity to generate and use high-quality information to make strategic decisions at local, national, and global levels that are responsive to specific contexts. We also help build capacity for monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Learning Minds Africa through this Center Coordinates with key stakeholders on data collection and dissemination of both secondary and primary Data. Disseminate Research reports from reputable organizations, institutions and companies with public importance which can inform projects, policies, and programs towards achieving sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is also Learning Minds Africa Think Tank leading in the production of knowledge to improve Lifelong Learning for better lives of all people in the world. Services provided under this Center include:

  • Delivering Learning on Research,
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Conducting and disseminating Research
  • Conducting Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Baseline Study
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation