What we Do


This is a solution to the “soft skills” problem that’s not only an issue in schools, but a major complaint of employers. Soft skills refer to a broad set of skills, competencies, behaviors, attitudes, and personal qualities that enable people to effectively navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals. These skills are broadly applicable and complement other skills such as technical, vocational, and academic skills.

We work directly with business leaders, educators, community leaders, and other stakeholders to develop and promote solutions for the most pressing education and workforce challenges of our day

Emotional Intelligence or Socio-emotional Skills

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Teamwork
  • Global Competence

Higher-order Thinking Skills

At a basic level, this includes an ability to identify an issue and take in information from multiple sources to evaluate options in order to reach a reasonable conclusion.

  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • System Thinking Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Innovation
  • Curiosity and Creativity

Communication skills

  • Include effective expression, transmission, understanding, and interpretation of knowledge and ideas.