Positive Youth Development (PYD) is both a philosophy and an approach to adolescent development. Through PYD we engage youth along with their families, communities and/or governments so that youth are empowered to reach their full potential. PYD approaches build skills, assets and competencies; foster healthy relationships; strengthen the environment; and transform systems. Adolescence is a critical developmental phase of life, a time during which children acquire the social skills they need to thrive as adults.

A growing body of scientific knowledge shows that experience and environment also combine with genetics to shape
the brains of adolescents. This presents a second, crucially important window of opportunity to influence the development of children’s brains.

Through this center we provide the following services:

  • Social Behavioral Change and Communication for Youth Development Programs
  • Social Emotional Learning for Youth
  • Approaches to Youth Engagement
  • Designing Youth Development Programs
  • Strategic Youth advocacy
  • Nurturing Developmental Relationship
  • Youth entrepreneurship
  • Youth Development competency and skills development for Youth Workers