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This Unit of Science of Learning and Development develop the capacity of Institutions to deliver evidence based and science informed learning and development intervention. This is the foundation upon which we can design and build learning environments and educational systems so that every young person can achieve their full potential.

Our Belief is built in the latest evidence of science of Learning and Development that:

  • Every child, no matter their background, has the potential to succeed in school and life.
  • No two young people learn in precisely the same ways.
  • Children’s ability to learn is strongly intertwined with their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs.
  • The environments, experiences, and cultures of a young person’s life are more influential than their genes.
  • The human brain is remarkably malleable and can be changed by strong, supportive relationships and the conditions they create.

The following services are delivered to teachers, tutors, Facilitators, Trainers, Train of Trainers who deliver learning and development interventions to children, Youth and even adults:

  • Science of Learning and Development for Teachers/facilitators
  • Creating Learning Environment when Children and Youth Learn Best
  • School Positive Discipline and Behavior Management
  • Delivering Competency Based Education
  • Delivering Whole Child Education
  • How Children Learn (For pre and Primary School Teachers)
  • How Youth Learn (For Secondary and College Teachers)
  • Boosting Academic Performance (Brain GYM)
  • Early Childhood Development for Teachers/Tutors
  • Positive Youth Development for Teachers/Tutors
  • Learning Design (Train of Trainers Training)
  • Learning Through Play
  • Understanding Learning Approaches (Mentoring, Training, Coaching, Counselling, Consulting and Edutainment)